Anchor 934 Apartments in Farragut
200 Brooklawn Street
Farragut, TN 37934

Apartments in Farragut, Tennessee

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Discover Farragut’s Finest: Living at the Heart of Convenience and Culture

Farragut Town Center is often considered a hidden gem for those yearning to balance urban amenities and the tranquility of suburban life. For locals and newcomers alike, the scene of everyday life in Farragut is like a well-orchestrated symphony — everything you need is within a harmonious blend of proximity and activity. Today, we unveil an opportunity that seems too good to be true: brand-new apartments nestled in the heart of it all, with unbeatable access to the finest offerings of the town.

Unrivaled Access to Daily Necessities and More

Imagine living steps away from not one but two comprehensive grocery stores. Whether you’re a gourmet enthusiast sourcing eclectic ingredients or simply wanting convenience for your weekly food shopping, you’re spoilt for choice without even needing to venture far from the comfort of your home.

Equally, for those who find pleasure in retail therapy or enjoy evenings out with friends and family, the new Biddle Farms Farragut Town Center provides an assortment of shopping and dining experiences. Add to that the indulgence of catching the latest blockbuster at the nearby Regal Theater, and you realize that these apartments offer more than a home; they present a lifestyle.

Connect Seamlessly to the City and Beyond

Feeling wanderlust or commuting to work? Travel is effortless with easy access to Kingston Pike, I-40, and I-75. This prime location means that your commute is significantly streamlined whether you are traveling to Downtown Knoxville or visiting major employers in the area.

The Epicenter of Leisure and Outdoor Activities

The location thrives minutes from famous Turkey Creek, with abundant options to explore, shop, or dine. But that’s not all. For those with a penchant for the great outdoors, a medley of parks, trails, and marinas — including Concord Marina — beckons you for adventure or relaxation by the water on sunny afternoons.

Education is also just across the street. Farragut Middle School and High School offer families the convenience of top-quality education with the utmost ease of accessibility. This feature alone signifies how this apartment community doesn’t just consider lifestyle but also looks at the future of its community members.

Modern Living Meets Tradition and Community

The apartments themselves are infused with modern elegance—a brand-new apartment community that fits symbiotically within the Farragut Deal Town Center. The aesthetics speak of contemporary charm while providing amenities that cater to a dynamic lifestyle. For those seeking an abode that matches their aspiration for convenience and quality, these apartments are unrivaled in location and offer a less ordinary life.


A rare opportunity presents itself in an apartment community that transcends mere living spaces — it nurtures a community, connects effortlessly with the city’s pulse, and is integrated with the local culture and life. It offers an apartment and an enriching life at the doorstep of Farragut’s myriad conveniences. If the essence of a well-lived life is about being at the right place at the right time, then these new apartments are the definitive answer for those looking to call Farragut home.

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