Bedroom Living Room Closet Laundry Room Bathroom Kitchen


Apartments in Farragut An arrangement of various pillows on a neatly made bed, featuring different textures and patterns in a grayscale color scheme.

Living Room

Apartments in Farragut A cozy corner featuring a gray patterned armchair and a round wooden side table with a book and a vase holding yellow flowers.


Apartments in Farragut Black and white photo of various clothes hanging on racks in a closet aboard a ship, featuring a mix of striped and solid garments.

Laundry Room

Apartments in Farragut Close-up of white bath towels with gray stripes, stacked aboard a shelf.


Apartments in Farragut A red rose resting on a stack of white towels in front of a window with a garden view visible from aboard.


Apartments in Farragut Water flows from a modern faucet into a black sink in a sunlit kitchen, with a small vase of flowers and fruit on the counter.